mmc: Do away with MMC_CAP2_RO_ACTIVE_HIGH

In the light of the previous patch in this series:
"mmc: slot-gpio: Remove override_active_level on WP"
we discover that MMC_CAP2_RO_ACTIVE_HIGH is unused, except
for a fringe case inside USDHI6ROL0 that we split off and
handle separately.

Since we found that all callers to the function
mmc_gpiod_request_ro() specified "false" as the
"override_active_level" parameter, we could delete the code
in mmc_gpio_get_ro() using the flag MMC_CAP2_RO_ACTIVE_HIGH
to invert the value of the GPIO line, as this code was only
activated when this flag was set.

This leaves the code specifying the MMC_CAP2_RO_ACTIVE_HIGH
in any drivers and the host core unused.

The board files relying on inverted RO should still
work fine, since when they were migrated to GPIO descriptors
we made sure to specify if these GPIO lines were active high.

This patch roots out MMC_CAP2_RO_ACTIVE_HIGH and also kills
off the corresponding platform data in EP93xx, PXA, S3C24xx
and MMC SPI, since passing this around is just a pointless
exercise with no semantic effect on the write protect line.
The GPIO descriptors will handle it all for us after this

Signed-off-by: Linus Walleij <>
18 files changed