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Options for the ipv6 module are supplied as parameters at load time.
Module options may be given as command line arguments to the insmod
or modprobe command, but are usually specified in either the
/etc/modules.conf or /etc/modprobe.conf configuration file, or in a
distro-specific configuration file.
The available ipv6 module parameters are listed below. If a parameter
is not specified the default value is used.
The parameters are as follows:
Specifies whether to load the IPv6 module, but disable all
its functionality. This might be used when another module
has a dependency on the IPv6 module being loaded, but no
IPv6 addresses or operations are desired.
The possible values and their effects are:
IPv6 is enabled.
This is the default value.
IPv6 is disabled.
No IPv6 addresses will be added to interfaces, and
it will not be possible to open an IPv6 socket.
A reboot is required to enable IPv6.