Merge tag 'random-5.18-rc5-for-linus' of git://

Pull random number generator fixes from Jason Donenfeld:

 - Eric noticed that the memmove() in crng_fast_key_erasure() was bogus,
   so this has been changed to a memcpy() and the confusing situation
   clarified with a detailed comment.

 - [Half]SipHash documentation updates from Bagas and Eric, after Eric
   pointed out that the use of HalfSipHash in random.c made a bit of the
   text potentially misleading.

* tag 'random-5.18-rc5-for-linus' of git://
  Documentation: siphash: disambiguate HalfSipHash algorithm from hsiphash functions
  Documentation: siphash: enclose HalfSipHash usage example in the literal block
  Documentation: siphash: convert danger note to warning for HalfSipHash
  random: document crng_fast_key_erasure() destination possibility