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Pull SCSI target fixes from Nicholas Bellinger:
 "The highlights this merge window include:

   - Allow target fabric drivers to function as built-in.  (Roland)
   - Fix tcm_loop multi-TPG endpoint nexus bug.  (Hannes)
   - Move per device config_item_type into se_subsystem_api, allowing
     configfs attributes to be defined at module_init time.  (Jerome +
   - Convert existing IBLOCK/FILEIO/RAMDISK/PSCSI/TCMU drivers to use
     external configfs attributes.  (nab)
   - A number of iser-target fixes related to active session + network
     portal shutdown stability during extended stress testing.  (Sagi +
   - Dynamic allocation of T10-PI contexts for iser-target, fixing a
     potentially bogus iscsi_np->tpg_np pointer reference in >= v3.14
     code.  (Sagi)
   - iser-target performance + scalability improvements.  (Sagi)
   - Fixes for SPC-4 Persistent Reservation AllRegistrants spec
     compliance.  (Ilias + James + nab)
   - Avoid potential short kern_sendmsg() in iscsi-target for now until
     Al's conversion to use msghdr iteration is merged post -rc1.

  Also, Sagi has requested a number of iser-target patches (9) that
  address stability issues he's encountered during extended stress
  testing be considered for v3.10.y + v3.14.y code.  Given the amount of
  LOC involved, it will certainly require extra backporting effort.

  Apologies in advance to Greg-KH & Co on this.  Sagi and I will be
  working post-merge to ensure they each get applied correctly"

* 'for-next' of git:// (53 commits)
  target: Allow AllRegistrants to re-RESERVE existing reservation
  uapi/linux/target_core_user.h: fix badness
  iscsi-target: Fail connection on short sendmsg writes
  iscsi-target: nullify session in failed login sequence
  target: Avoid dropping AllRegistrants reservation during unregister
  target: Fix R_HOLDER bit usage for AllRegistrants
  iscsi-target: Drop left-over bogus iscsi_np->tpg_np
  iser-target: Fix wc->wr_id cast warning
  iser-target: Remove code duplication
  iser-target: Adjust log levels and prettify some prints
  iser-target: Use debug_level parameter to control logging level
  iser-target: Fix logout sequence
  iser-target: Don't wait for session commands from completion context
  iser-target: Reduce CQ lock contention by batch polling
  iser-target: Introduce isert_poll_budget
  iser-target: Remove an atomic operation from the IO path
  iser-target: Remove redundant call to isert_conn_terminate
  iser-target: Use single CQ for TX and RX
  iser-target: Centralize completion elements to a context
  iser-target: Cast wr_id with uintptr_t instead of unsinged long