Merge branch 'drm-fixes' of git://

Pull drm fixes from Dave Airlie:
 "Just back from LCA + some days off, had some fixes from the past 2 weeks,

  Some amdkfd code removal for a feature that wasn't ready, otherwise
  just one fix for core helper sleeping, exynos, i915, and radeon fixes.

  I thought I had some sti fixes but they were already in, and it
  confused me for a few mins this morning"

* 'drm-fixes' of git://
  drm: fb helper should avoid sleeping in panic context
  drm/exynos: fix warning of vblank reference count
  drm/exynos: remove unnecessary runtime pm operations
  drm/exynos: fix reset codes for memory mapped hdmi phy
  drm/radeon: use rv515_ring_start on r5xx
  drm/radeon: add si dpm quirk list
  drm/radeon: don't print error on -ERESTARTSYS
  drm/i915: Fix mutex->owner inspection race under DEBUG_MUTEXES
  drm/i915: Ban Haswell from using RCS flips
  drm/i915: vlv: sanitize RPS interrupt mask during GPU idling
  drm/i915: fix HW lockup due to missing RPS IRQ workaround on GEN6
  drm/i915: gen9: fix RPS interrupt routing to CPU vs. GT
  drm/exynos: remove the redundant machine checking code
  drm/radeon: add a dpm quirk list
  drm/amdkfd: Fix sparse warning (different address space)
  drm/radeon: fix VM flush on CIK (v3)
  drm/radeon: fix VM flush on SI (v3)
  drm/radeon: fix VM flush on cayman/aruba (v3)
  drm/amdkfd: Drop interrupt SW ring buffer