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Note that items with (!) have high priority.
- (!) don't use fixed set of the static buffers for TAGs in blkid_probe,
allocate all on the fly. It seems that for example btrfs is crazy enough
to have LABELs longer than we have bufferes in libblkid
- provide additional information about the current partitions (LABEL=, UUID=,
filesystem type, size, usage, mountpoint, ...) just optionally add extra
table between main menu and list of partitions.
- (!) add auto-sort support (sort partitions automatically) and
--sort={auto,never,always} command line option. This feature should be
enabled by default for logical partitions if we created all container (extended
partition) in the current session.
- (!) add support for non-ANSI terminals (now we hardcode \033[ ...) and read
colors from terminfo
- support default issue (/etc/issue) output for agetty to make it agetty
usable on systems with empty /etc.
This change is little bit controversial, because now agetty prints nothing
by default and it's probably used by admins to hide information about the
system to unauthorized users. We already have --noissue to disable issue
output. The question is if admins use this option, "rm /etc/issue" is
probably easer than modify inittab (or systemd unit file).
Maybe we can implement it by --enable-agetty-default-issue compile option and
move the decision to downstream maintainers ;-)
- read the default UID and GID from the target process.
- use /var/lib/hwclock/drift to store hw-clock drift numbers.
- use /etc/adjtime as read-only for UTC/LOCAL information only
- the /var/lib/hwclock/drift should be implemented backwardly compatible,
it means use the file only if exists, otherwise follow /etc/adjtime
bash completion
- Optional argument handling requires user to press backspace to get
argument completion.
- Comma separated value, e.g., --output 'value1,value2', are not
completed for users.
libmount (mount/umount)
- add options to control fstab/mtab mount options usage, something like:
--options-mode={ignore,append,prepend,replace} MNT_OMODE_{IGNORE, ...}
--options-source={fstab,mtab,disable} MNT_OMODE_{FSTAB,MTAB,NOTAB}
--options-source-force MNT_OMODE_FORCE
(all this already supported by libmount)
- (!) add SCOLS_FL_HIDDEN flag to make it possible to hide a column. Then we
can use such column in lsblk(8) to only sort lines, but do not print the column.
lsblk -o NAME --sort SIZE
- support mapping by device-mapper if argv[0] is "kpartx" or --dm option is used.
- (!) use something better than gtk-doc for libmount and libblkid (doxyden?)
- (!) add API documentation to libuuid
- consolidate newgrp(1)
* we have "su --group/--supp-group" to switch between groups, newgrp(1) in
util-linux and shadow-utils (and sg(1) alias in shadow-utils)
* the unique functionality provided by newgpr(1) is support for group
passwords [/etc/gshadow] -- do we really need this functionality?
* maybe we can mark group-passwords as deprecated, and replace sg(1) and
newgpr(1) with su(1) code. The another way is to ask fro group password in
su --group too.
* note that shadow-utils newgpr(1) provides support for syslog and audit log.
- (!) don't use internally blkid_loff_t, rather use off_t, size_t, ssize_t,
stdint.h types and so on...
- add FSSIZE value -- filesystem size (klibc requirement)
- (!) add support for dasd PT (used for example on s390)
[always check libfdisk branch at github!]
- (!) add 'I'nfo fommand to print all details about specified partition
(like offset, size, name, uuid, type, C/H/S, fstype)
- (!) add to "First sector" dialog a line with information about available
gaps (free areas) to make it more user friendly if you want to skip
any useless (small) areas between existing partitions.
(Note that libfdisk already supports freespace lists.)
- (!) add to fdisk "free space" command to print all available gaps
- add support for Apple Partition Map (see libblkid/src/partitions/mac.c)
- add "move end" command to move end of the last primary/extended partition.
This feature seems very attractive to users who resizing their disks
(for example in virtual machines).
- use off_t instead "long long"
- catch SIGINT (Ctrl-C) and return to main menu.
From Red Hat bugzilla #545488:
While using fdisk normally, if you accidentally pressed the wrong button (to
start a sequence of questions for some operation, e.g. 'c' to create
partition). The tool tries too hard to keep asking you for valid input. You
can't provide a blank or invalid input to get it to break out of the current
dialog sequence and get back to the main menu.
- add mllockall() and SCHED_FIFO to hwclock,
exotic requests
- add SELinux security contexts support to the 'ipcs' utility
Would be great to list the current system IPC Objects with their respective
security labels (where allowed) with something like 'ipcs -Z' - following the
way other tools reports those.