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util-linux regression tests
It's expected that for each invasive change or important bugfix you will
include a test to your patch.
Compile tests & run basic tests:
$ make check
Note that the configure option --disable-static disables many of libmount and
libblkid unit tests.
Run all tests including tests that require root permissions:
# cd tests
# ./ [--verbose] [--memcheck]
note that as root you have to manually remove output and diff directories
# rm -rf output diff
or run 'make clean' as root.
Run subset of tests:
$ ./ <test_directory-name>
for example:
$ ./ blkid
$ ./ libmount
*** WARNING for root users ***
The tests touch your /etc/fstab, initialize loop devices or scsi_debug devices
if executed with root permissions.
Please, be careful and use these tests only for development and never on
production system.