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SCM (source code management):
git clone git:// util-linux
* maintenance (stable) branch
- created for every <major>.<minor> release
- branch name: stable/v<major>.<minor>
* bugfix branch
- created for <major>.<minor>.<maint> release for
critical/security bugs only
- this branch is optional
- branch name: stable/v<major>.<minor>.<maint>
* master branch
- the status of this branch is: "it works for me". It
means useful but not well tested patches.
- it's source for occasional snapshots
- for long-term development or invasive changes should be
an active development forked into a separate branch
(topic branches) from the tip of "master".
* A new tag object is created for:
- every release, tag name: v<version>
- tag v2.13.1 is typo. Please, ignore this tag.