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Pull powerpc fixes from Benjamin Herrenschmidt:
 "Here are a few fixes for 3.6 that were piling up while I was away or
  busy (I was mostly MIA a week or two before San Diego).

  Some fixes from Anton fixing up issues with our relatively new DSCR
  control feature, and a few other fixes that are either regressions or
  bugs nasty enough to warrant not waiting."

* 'merge' of git://
  powerpc: Don't use __put_user() in patch_instruction
  powerpc: Make sure IPI handlers see data written by IPI senders
  powerpc: Restore correct DSCR in context switch
  powerpc: Fix DSCR inheritance in copy_thread()
  powerpc: Keep thread.dscr and thread.dscr_inherit in sync
  powerpc: Update DSCR on all CPUs when writing sysfs dscr_default
  powerpc/powernv: Always go into nap mode when CPU is offline
  powerpc: Give hypervisor decrementer interrupts their own handler
  powerpc/vphn: Fix arch_update_cpu_topology() return value