Merge tag 'powerpc-5.9-3' of git://

Pull powerpc fixes from Michael Ellerman:

 - Add perf support for emitting extended registers for power10.

 - A fix for CPU hotplug on pseries, where on large/loaded systems we
   may not wait long enough for the CPU to be offlined, leading to

 - Addition of a raw cputable entry for Power10, which is not required
   to boot, but is required to make our PMU setup work correctly in

 - Three fixes for the recent changes on 32-bit Book3S to move modules
   into their own segment for strict RWX.

 - A fix for a recent change in our powernv PCI code that could lead to

 - A change to our perf interrupt accounting to avoid soft lockups when
   using some events, found by syzkaller.

 - A change in the way we handle power loss events from the hypervisor
   on pseries. We no longer immediately shut down if we're told we're
   running on a UPS.

 - A few other minor fixes.

Thanks to Alexey Kardashevskiy, Andreas Schwab, Aneesh Kumar K.V, Anju T
Sudhakar, Athira Rajeev, Christophe Leroy, Frederic Barrat, Greg Kurz,
Kajol Jain, Madhavan Srinivasan, Michael Neuling, Michael Roth,
Nageswara R Sastry, Oliver O'Halloran, Thiago Jung Bauermann,
Vaidyanathan Srinivasan, Vasant Hegde.

* tag 'powerpc-5.9-3' of git://
  powerpc/perf/hv-24x7: Move cpumask file to top folder of hv-24x7 driver
  powerpc/32s: Fix module loading failure when VMALLOC_END is over 0xf0000000
  powerpc/pseries: Do not initiate shutdown when system is running on UPS
  powerpc/perf: Fix soft lockups due to missed interrupt accounting
  powerpc/powernv/pci: Fix possible crash when releasing DMA resources
  powerpc/pseries/hotplug-cpu: wait indefinitely for vCPU death
  powerpc/32s: Fix is_module_segment() when MODULES_VADDR is defined
  powerpc/kasan: Fix KASAN_SHADOW_START on BOOK3S_32
  powerpc/fixmap: Fix the size of the early debug area
  powerpc/pkeys: Fix build error with PPC_MEM_KEYS disabled
  powerpc/kernel: Cleanup machine check function declarations
  powerpc: Add POWER10 raw mode cputable entry
  powerpc/perf: Add extended regs support for power10 platform
  powerpc/perf: Add support for outputting extended regs in perf intr_regs
  powerpc: Fix P10 PVR revision in /proc/cpuinfo for SMT4 cores