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* Copyright (C) 2012 Fusion-io
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public
* License v2 as published by the Free Software Foundation.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
#ifndef __IOWATCH_PLOT__
#define __IOWATCH_PLOT__
#define MAX_TICKS 10
#include "list.h"
typedef __u64 u64;
typedef __u32 u32;
typedef __u16 u16;
/* values for the plot direction field */
#define PLOT_DOWN 0
#define PLOT_ACROSS 1
struct plot {
int fd;
/* svg style y = 0 is the top of the graph */
int start_y_offset;
/* abs coords of the start of X start of the plot */
int start_x_offset;
int add_xlabel;
int no_legend;
* these two are for anyone that wants
* to add a plot after this one, it tells
* them how much space we took up
int total_height;
int total_width;
char **legend_lines;
int legend_index;
int num_legend_lines;
int direction;
* timeline is a vertical line through line graphs that
* is used by the movie mode to show where in the graph
* our current frame lives
int timeline;
struct graph_line_pair {
u64 count;
u64 sum;
struct graph_line_data {
/* beginning of an interval displayed by this graph */
unsigned int min_seconds;
/* end of an interval displayed by this graph */
unsigned int max_seconds;
unsigned int stop_seconds;
/* Y max */
u64 max;
/* label for this graph */
char *label;
struct graph_line_pair data[];
struct graph_dot_data {
u64 min_offset;
u64 max_offset;
u64 max_bank;
u64 max_bank_offset;
u64 total_ios;
u64 total_bank_ios;
int add_bank_ios;
/* in pixels, number of rows in our bitmap */
int rows;
/* in pixels, number of cols in our bitmap */
int cols;
/* beginning of an interval displayed by this graph */
int min_seconds;
/* end of an interval displayed by this graph */
unsigned int max_seconds;
unsigned int stop_seconds;
/* label for the legend */
char *label;
/* color for plotting data */
char *color;
/* bitmap, one bit for each cell to light up */
unsigned char data[];
struct pid_plot_history {
double history_max;
int history_len;
int num_used;
char *color;
double *history;
struct plot_history {
struct list_head list;
int pid_history_count;
int col;
struct pid_plot_history **read_pid_history;
struct pid_plot_history **write_pid_history;
char *pick_color(void);
char *pick_fio_color(void);
char *pick_cpu_color(void);
void reset_cpu_color(void);
int svg_io_graph(struct plot *plot, struct graph_dot_data *gdd);
int svg_line_graph(struct plot *plot, struct graph_line_data *gld, char *color, int thresh1, int thresh2);
struct graph_line_data *alloc_line_data(unsigned int min_seconds, unsigned int max_seconds, unsigned int stop_seconds);
struct graph_dot_data *alloc_dot_data(unsigned int min_seconds, unsigned int max_seconds, u64 min_offset, u64 max_offset, unsigned int stop_seconds, char *color, char *label);
void set_gdd_bit(struct graph_dot_data *gdd, u64 offset, double bytes, double time);
void write_svg_header(int fd);
struct plot *alloc_plot(void);
int close_plot(struct plot *plot);
int close_plot_no_height(struct plot *plot);
void setup_axis(struct plot *plot);
void set_xticks(struct plot *plot, int num_ticks, int first, int last);
void set_yticks(struct plot *plot, int num_ticks, int first, int last, char *units);
void set_plot_title(struct plot *plot, char *title);
void set_plot_label(struct plot *plot, char *label);
void set_xlabel(struct plot *plot, char *label);
void set_ylabel(struct plot *plot, char *label);
void scale_line_graph_bytes(u64 *max, char **units, u64 factor);
void scale_line_graph_time(u64 *max, char **units);
void write_drop_shadow_line(struct plot *plot);
void svg_write_legend(struct plot *plot);
void svg_add_legend(struct plot *plot, char *text, char *extra, char *color);
void svg_alloc_legend(struct plot *plot, int num_lines);
void set_legend_width(int longest_str);
void set_rolling_avg(int rolling);
void svg_free_legend(struct plot *plot);
void set_io_graph_scale(int scale);
void set_plot_output(struct plot *plot, char *filename);
void set_graph_size(int width, int height);
void get_graph_size(int *width, int *height);
int svg_io_graph_movie(struct graph_dot_data *gdd, struct pid_plot_history *ph, int col);
int svg_io_graph_movie_array(struct plot *plot, struct pid_plot_history *ph);
void svg_write_time_line(struct plot *plot, int col);
void set_graph_height(int h);
void set_graph_width(int w);
int close_plot_file(struct plot *plot);
int svg_io_graph_movie_array_spindle(struct plot *plot, struct pid_plot_history *ph);
void rewind_spindle_steps(int num);
void setup_axis_spindle(struct plot *plot);
int close_plot_col(struct plot *plot);