md: Fix some bugs in recovery_disabled handling.

In 3.0 we changed the way recovery_disabled was handle so that instead
of testing against zero, we test an mddev-> value against a conf->
Two problems:
  1/ one place in raid1 was missed and still sets to '1'.
  2/ We didn't explicitly set the conf-> value at array creation
     It defaulted to '0' just like the mddev value does so they
     could appear equal and thus disable recovery.
     This did not affect normal 'md' as it calls bind_rdev_to_array
     which changes the mddev value.  However the dmraid interface
     doesn't call this and so doesn't change ->recovery_disabled; so at
     array start all recovery is incorrectly disabled.

So initialise the 'conf' value to one less that the mddev value, so
the will only be the same when explicitly set that way.

Reported-by: Jonathan Brassow <>
Signed-off-by: NeilBrown  <>
3 files changed