Introduce MediaTek regulator coupler driver to ensure that the SRAM
voltage in par with the GPU voltage. This allows for a stable use of the

- add support for MT8188 vdosys0 path
- allow it to be build as module
- add support for MT8195 vdosys1 path

- add MT8188 vdosys0 path
- allow to be build as a module
- add MT8195 vdosys1 path
- add support for CMDQ
- allow for up to 64 reset bits
- add supprot for the MT8195 vppsys[0,1] pathes

- keep power for the MT8186 ADSP on by default
- add support for MT8188
- add support for buck isolation needed in specific pm-domains for
  MT8188 and MT8192

- enable IRQ later to allow using kexec
- several improvments on the code base
- fix modalias

pmic wrapper:
- convert binding to yaml. As this is thightly coupled to the MT6357
  PMIC, I took patches regarding it as well.
soc: mediatek: mtk-svs: add missing MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE

This patch adds missing MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE definition
which generates correct modalias for automatic loading
of this driver when it is built as an external module.

Signed-off-by: Zeng Heng <>
Signed-off-by: Matthias Brugger <>
1 file changed