Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://

* 'for-linus' of git://
  block: Don't count_vm_events for discard bio in submit_bio.
  cfq: fix recursive call in cfq_blkiocg_update_completion_stats()
  cfq-iosched: Fixed boot warning with BLK_CGROUP=y and CFQ_GROUP_IOSCHED=n
  cfq: Don't allow queue merges for queues that have no process references
  block: fix DISCARD_BARRIER requests
  cciss: set SCSI max cmd len to 16, as default is wrong
  cpqarray: fix two more wrong section type
  cpqarray: fix wrong __init type on pci probe function
  drbd: Fixed a race between disk-attach and unexpected state changes
  writeback: fix pin_sb_for_writeback
  writeback: add missing requeue_io in writeback_inodes_wb
  writeback: simplify and split bdi_start_writeback
  writeback: simplify wakeup_flusher_threads
  writeback: fix writeback_inodes_wb from writeback_inodes_sb
  writeback: enforce s_umount locking in writeback_inodes_sb
  writeback: queue work on stack in writeback_inodes_sb
  writeback: fix writeback completion notifications