irqchip updates for Linux 5.13

New HW support:

- New driver for the Nuvoton WPCM450 interrupt controller
- New driver for the IDT 79rc3243x interrupt controller
- Add support for interrupt trigger configuration to the MStar irqchip
- Add more external interrupt support to the STM32 irqchip
- Add new compatible strings for QCOM SC7280 to the qcom-pdc binding

Fixes and cleanups:

- Drop irq_create_strict_mappings() and irq_create_identity_mapping()
  from the irqdomain API, with cleanups in a couple of drivers
- Fix nested NMI issue with spurious interrupts on GICv3
- Don't allow GICv4.1 vSGIs when the CPU doesn't support them
- Various cleanups and minor fixes
irqchip/xilinx: Expose Kconfig option for Zynq/ZynqMP

Previously the XILINX_INTC config option was hidden and only
auto-selected on the MicroBlaze platform. However, this IP can also be
used on the Zynq and ZynqMP platforms as a secondary cascaded
controller. Allow this option to be user-enabled on those platforms.

Signed-off-by: Robert Hancock <>
Signed-off-by: Marc Zyngier <>
1 file changed