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# mb2q configuration
# The committer used for adding the SOB
# If omitted it's retrieved from GIT or environment
committer: Thomas Gleixner <>
# List of mail addresses to drop from the CC list
# List of Cc addresses which must be kept
# List of mailing list addresses for which the
# Link: tag is generated
# List of 'From:' addresses which indicate that the message
# in the mailbox is a mail client internal management mail
# The example below is the magic mail alpine puts into mboxes
# Can be abused to filter other things as well
# The Link: base address to which the message ID is appended
# Drop Cc tags from the changelog. They are pointless
# when a link is available. Default is True. Set to False
# to keep them.
dropcc: True
# Emit committer SOB next to the last SOB in the mail so
# that the SOB chain is together
sob_before_cc: True