Merge branch 'r8169-clk-fixes'

Hans de Goede says:

r8169 (x86) clk fixes to fix S0ix not being reached

This series adds code to the r8169 ethernet driver to get and enable an
external clock if present, avoiding the need for a hack in the
clk-pmc-atom driver where that clock was left on continuesly causing x86
some devices to not reach deep power saving states (S0ix) when suspended
causing to them to quickly drain their battery while suspended.

The 3 commits in this series need to be merged in order to avoid
regressions while bisecting. The clk-pmc-atom driver does not see much
changes (it was last touched over a year ago). So the clk maintainers
have agreed with merging all 3 patches through the net tree.
All 3 patches have Stephen Boyd's Acked-by for this purpose.

This v2 of the series only had some minor tweaks done to the commit
messages and is ready for merging through the net tree now.

Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>