Merge tag 'platform-drivers-x86-v5.13-3' of git://

Pull x86 platform driver fixes from Hans de Goede:
 "Assorted pdx86 bug-fixes and some hardware-id additions for 5.13.

  The mlxreg-hotplug revert is a regression-fix"

* tag 'platform-drivers-x86-v5.13-3' of git://
  platform/mellanox: mlxreg-hotplug: Revert "move to use request_irq by IRQF_NO_AUTOEN flag"
  platform/surface: dtx: Add missing mutex_destroy() call in failure path
  platform/surface: aggregator: Fix event disable function
  platform/x86: thinkpad_acpi: Add X1 Carbon Gen 9 second fan support
  platform/surface: aggregator_registry: Add support for 13" Intel Surface Laptop 4
  platform/surface: aggregator_registry: Update comments for 15" AMD Surface Laptop 4