Merge branch 'qxl-fixes' of git://

Pull qxl drm fixes from Dave Airlie:
 "Okay as I warned, the qxl driver was running a bit free and loose with
  its ttm object reservations and the new lockdep enabled reservation
  tracking shone a bright light into it, it also with the new
  reservations mutexes hits a possible deadlock during boot.

  The first patch is a real fix to render the console correctly as the
  driver used to just drop irq renderering as too hard, this also fixes
  a sleeping while atomic warning.

  The other two patches are the big ugly ones that redo how the driver
  allocates objects and reserves them and makes things all work
  properly, I've tested this in a VM, and compared to the current code
  which hits a lockdep warning and the sleep while atomic warning before

  So sorry this is coming in late, I should have tested qxl before
  merging the mutex code, but I'd rather just fix qxl with this than
  revert the reservations code at this point"

* 'qxl-fixes' of git://
  qxl: convert qxl driver to proper use for reservations
  qxl: allow creation of pre-pinned objects and use for releases.
  drm/qxl: add delayed fb operations