mkfs.xfs: add configuration file parsing support using the e2fsprogs profile parser

You may want to stick to specific set of configuration options when
creating filesystems with mkfs.xfs -- sometimes due to pure technical
reasons, but some other times to ensure systems remain compatible as
new features are introduced with older kernels, or if you always want
to take advantage of some new feature which would otherwise typically
be disruptive.

This adds support for parsing a configuration file to override defaults
parameters to be used for mkfs.xfs.

We define an XFS configuration directory, /etc/mkfs.xfs.d/ and allow for
different types of configuration files, if none is specified we look for
the default type, /etc/mkfs.xfs.d/default, and you can override with -T.
For instance, if you specify:

	mkfs.xfs -T experimental -f /dev/loop0

The file /etc/mkfs.xfs.d/experimental will be used as your configuration
file. If you really need to override the full path of the configuration
file you may use the MKFS_XFS_CONFIG environment variable.

To use /etc/ be sure to configure xfsprogs with:

 ./configure --sysconfdir=/etc/

To verify what configuration file is used on a system use the typical:

  mkfs.xfs -N

There is only a subset of options allowed to be set on the configuration
file, and currently only 1 or 0 are acceptable values. The default
parameters you can override on a configuration file and their current
built-in default settings are:







Signed-off-by: Luis R. Rodriguez <>
18 files changed