Merge git://

Pull NVMe driver fixes from Matthew Wilcox:
 "Now that actual hardware has been released (don't have any yet
  myself), people are starting to want some of these fixes merged."

Willy doesn't have hardware? Guys...

* git://
  NVMe: Cancel outstanding IOs on queue deletion
  NVMe: Free admin queue memory on initialisation failure
  NVMe: Use ida for nvme device instance
  NVMe: Fix whitespace damage in nvme_init
  NVMe: handle allocation failure in nvme_map_user_pages()
  NVMe: Fix uninitialized iod compiler warning
  NVMe: Do not set IO queue depth beyond device max
  NVMe: Set block queue max sectors
  NVMe: use namespace id for nvme_get_features
  NVMe: replace nvme_ns with nvme_dev for user admin
  NVMe: Fix nvme module init when nvme_major is set
  NVMe: Set request queue logical block size