Merge git://

Pull networking fixes from David S Miller:

 1) Netfilter xt_limit module can use uninitialized rules, from Jan

 2) Wei Yongjun has found several more spots where error pointers were
    treated as NULL/non-NULL and vice versa.

 3) bnx2x was converted to pci_io{,un}map() but one remaining plain
    iounmap() got missed.  From Neil Horman.

 4) Due to a fence-post type error in initialization of inetpeer entries
    (which is where we store the ICMP rate limiting information), we can
    erroneously drop ICMPs if the inetpeer was created right around when
    jiffies wraps.

    Fix from Nicolas Dichtel.

 5) smsc75xx resume fix from Steve Glendinnig.

 6) LAN87xx smsc chips need an explicit hardware init, from Marek Vasut.

 7) qlcnic uses msleep() with locks held, fix from Narendra K.

* git://
  netdev: octeon: fix return value check in octeon_mgmt_init_phy()
  inetpeer: fix token initialization
  qlcnic: Fix scheduling while atomic bug
  bnx2: Clean up remaining iounmap
  net: phy: smsc: Implement PHY config_init for LAN87xx
  smsc75xx: fix resume after device reset
  netdev: pasemi: fix return value check in pasemi_mac_phy_init()
  team: fix return value check
  l2tp: fix return value check
  netfilter: xt_limit: have r->cost != 0 case work