Merge branch 'parisc-5.10-1' of git://

Pull parisc updates from Helge Deller:

 - Added fw_cfg support for parisc on qemu

 - Added font support in sti text console driver for byte- and word-mode

 - Switch to more fine grained lws locks and improve spinlock handling

 - Add ioread64_hi_lo() and iowrite64_hi_lo() to avoid 0-day linking

 - Mark pointers volatile in __xchg8(), __xchg32() and __xchg64() to
   help compiler

 - Header file cleanups, mostly removal of unused HP-UX compat defines

 - Drop one bit from our O_NONBLOCK define to become now 000200000

 - Add MAP_UNINITIALIZED define to avoid userspace compile errors

 - Drop CONFIG_IDE from defconfigs

 - Speed up synchronize_caches() on UP machines

 - Rewrite tlb flush threshold calculation

 - Comment fixes and cleanups

* 'parisc-5.10-1' of git://
  parisc/sticon: Add user font support
  parisc/sticon: Always register sticon console driver
  parisc: Add MAP_UNINITIALIZED define
  parisc: Improve spinlock handling
  parisc: Install vmlinuz instead of zImage file
  parisc: Rewrite tlb flush threshold calculation
  parisc: Switch to more fine grained lws locks
  parisc: Mark pointers volatile in __xchg8(), __xchg32() and __xchg64()
  parisc: Fix comments and enable interrupts later
  parisc: Add alternative patching to synchronize_caches define
  parisc: Add ioread64_hi_lo() and iowrite64_hi_lo()
  parisc: disable CONFIG_IDE in defconfigs
  parisc: Drop useless comments in uapi/asm/signal.h
  parisc: Define O_NONBLOCK to become 000200000
  parisc: Drop HP-UX specific fcntl and signal flags
  parisc: Avoid external interrupts when IPI finishes
  parisc: Add qemu fw_cfg interface
  fw_cfg: Add support for parisc architecture