Merge tag 'trace-v5.10' of git://

Pull tracing updates from Steven Rostedt:
 "Updates for tracing and bootconfig:

   - Add support for "bool" type in synthetic events

   - Add per instance tracing for bootconfig

   - Support perf-style return probe ("SYMBOL%return") in kprobes and

   - Allow for kprobes to be enabled earlier in boot up

   - Added tracepoint helper function to allow testing if tracepoints
     are enabled in headers

   - Synthetic events can now have dynamic strings (variable length)

   - Various fixes and cleanups"

* tag 'trace-v5.10' of git:// (58 commits)
  tracing: support "bool" type in synthetic trace events
  selftests/ftrace: Add test case for synthetic event syntax errors
  tracing: Handle synthetic event array field type checking correctly
  selftests/ftrace: Change synthetic event name for inter-event-combined test
  tracing: Add synthetic event error logging
  tracing: Check that the synthetic event and field names are legal
  tracing: Move is_good_name() from trace_probe.h to trace.h
  tracing: Don't show dynamic string internals in synthetic event description
  tracing: Fix some typos in comments
  tracing/boot: Add ftrace.instance.*.alloc_snapshot option
  tracing: Fix race in trace_open and buffer resize call
  tracing: Check return value of __create_val_fields() before using its result
  tracing: Fix synthetic print fmt check for use of __get_str()
  tracing: Remove a pointless assignment
  ftrace: ftrace_global_list is renamed to ftrace_ops_list
  ftrace: Format variable declarations of ftrace_allocate_records
  ftrace: Simplify the calculation of page number for ftrace_page->records
  ftrace: Simplify the dyn_ftrace->flags macro
  ftrace: Simplify the hash calculation
  ftrace: Use fls() to get the bits for dup_hash()