Merge tag 'regmap-v4.4' of git://

Pull regmap updates from Mark Brown:
 "Quite a few new features for regmap this time, mostly expanding things
  around the edges of the existing functionality to cover more devices
  rather than thinsg with wide applicability:

   - Support for offload of the update_bits() operation to hardware
     where devices implement bit level access.
   - Support for a few extra operations that need scratch buffers on
     fast_io devices where we can't sleep.
   - Expanded the feature set of regmap_irq to cope with some extra
     register layouts.
   - Cleanups to the debugfs code"

* tag 'regmap-v4.4' of git://
  regmap: Allow installing custom reg_update_bits function
  regmap: debugfs: simplify regmap_reg_ranges_read_file() slightly
  regmap: debugfs: use memcpy instead of snprintf
  regmap: debugfs: use snprintf return value in regmap_reg_ranges_read_file()
  regmap: Add generic macro to define regmap_irq
  regmap: debugfs: Remove scratch buffer for register length calculation
  regmap: irq: add ack_invert flag for chips using cleared bits as ack
  regmap: irq: add support for chips who have separate unmask registers
  regmap: Allocate buffers with GFP_ATOMIC when fast_io == true