Merge branch 'fixes-for-4.0-rc2' of git://

Pull thermal management fixes from Eduardo Valentin:

   - Several fixes in tmon tool.

   - Fixes in intel int340x for _ART and _TRT tables.

   - Add id for Avoton SoC into powerclamp driver.

   - Fixes in RCAR thermal driver to remove race conditions and fix fail

   - Fixes in TI thermal driver: removal of unnecessary code and build
     fix if !CONFIG_PM_SLEEP

   - Cleanups in exynos thermal driver

   - Add stubs for include/linux/thermal.h.  Now drivers using thermal
     calls but that also work without CONFIG_THERMAL will be able to
     compile for systems that don't care about thermal.

  Note: I am sending this pull on Rui's behalf while he fixes issues in
  his Linux box"

* 'fixes-for-4.0-rc2' of git://
  thermal: int340x_thermal: Ignore missing _ART, _TRT tables
  thermal/intel_powerclamp: add id for Avoton SoC
  tools/thermal: tmon: silence 'set but not used' warnings
  tools/thermal: tmon: use pkg-config to determine library dependencies
  tools/thermal: tmon: support cross-compiling
  tools/thermal: tmon: add .gitignore
  tools/thermal: tmon: fixup tui windowing calculations
  tools/thermal: tmon: tui: don't hard-code dialog window size assumptions
  tools/thermal: tmon: add min/max macros
  tools/thermal: tmon: add --target-temp parameter
  thermal: exynos: Clean-up code to use oneline entry for exynos compatible table
  thermal: rcar: Make error and remove paths symmetrical with init
  thermal: rcar: Fix race condition between init and interrupt
  thermal: Introduce dummy functions when thermal is not defined
  ti-soc-thermal: Delete an unnecessary check before the function call "cpufreq_cooling_unregister"
  thermal: ti-soc-thermal: bandgap: Fix build warning if !CONFIG_PM_SLEEP