Merge tag 'xfs-for-linus-4.0-rc2' of git://

Pull xfs fixes from Dave Chinner:
 "These are fixes for regressions/bugs introduced in the 4.0 merge cycle
  and problems discovered during the merge window that need to be pushed
  back to stable kernels ASAP.

  This contains:
   - ensure quota type is reset in on-disk dquots
   - fix missing partial EOF block data flush on truncate extension
   - fix transaction leak in error handling for new pnfs block layout
   - add missing target_ip check to RENAME_EXCHANGE"

* tag 'xfs-for-linus-4.0-rc2' of git://
  xfs: cancel failed transaction in xfs_fs_commit_blocks()
  xfs: Ensure we have target_ip for RENAME_EXCHANGE
  xfs: ensure truncate forces zeroed blocks to disk
  xfs: Fix quota type in quota structures when reusing quota file