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config SCSI_QLA_FC
tristate "QLogic QLA2XXX Fibre Channel Support"
depends on PCI && SCSI
depends on SCSI_FC_ATTRS
select FW_LOADER
This qla2xxx driver supports all QLogic Fibre Channel
PCI and PCIe host adapters.
By default, firmware for the ISP parts will be loaded
via the Firmware Loader interface.
ISP Firmware Filename
---------- -----------------
21xx ql2100_fw.bin
22xx ql2200_fw.bin
2300, 2312, 6312 ql2300_fw.bin
2322, 6322 ql2322_fw.bin
24xx, 54xx ql2400_fw.bin
25xx ql2500_fw.bin
Upon request, the driver caches the firmware image until
the driver is unloaded.
Firmware images can be retrieved from:
They are also included in the linux-firmware tree as well.
config TCM_QLA2XXX
tristate "TCM_QLA2XXX fabric module for Qlogic 2xxx series target mode HBAs"
depends on LIBFC
select BTREE
default n
Say Y here to enable the TCM_QLA2XXX fabric module for Qlogic 2xxx series target mode HBAs