Merge tag 'mfd-fixes-4.9' of git://

Pull MFD fixes from Lee Jones:
 - Fix PCI properties in intel-lpss-pci
 - Fix Resetting issue during suspend in intel-lpss-pci
 - Seperate IRQs for USBC device and CHRG in intel_soc_pmic_bxtwc
 - Add timeout to fix Resetting issue in stmpe
 - Ensure we 'put' reference to device when done in mfd-core

* tag 'mfd-fixes-4.9' of git://
  mfd: core: Fix device reference leak in mfd_clone_cell
  mfd: stmpe: Fix RESET regression on STMPE2401
  mfd: intel_soc_pmic_bxtwc: Fix usbc interrupt
  mfd: intel-lpss: Do not put device in reset state on suspend
  mfd: lpss: Fix Intel Kaby Lake PCH-H properties