Merge tag 'gpio-v4.9-4' of git://

Pull GPIO fixes from Linus Walleij:
 "These are hopefully the last GPIO fixes for v4.9. The most important
  is that it fixes the UML randconfig builds that have been nagging me
  for some time and me being confused about where the problem was really
  sitting, now this fix give this nice feeling that everything is solid
  and builds fine.


   - Finally, after being puzzled by a bunch of recurrent UML build
     failures on randconfigs from the build robot, Keno Fischer nailed
     it: GPIO_DEVRES is optional and depends on HAS_IOMEM even though
     many users just unconditionally rely on it to be available. And it
     *should* be available: garbage collection is nice for this and it
     *certainly* has nothing to do with having IOMEM. So we got rid of
     it, and now the UML builds should JustWork(TM).

   - Do not call .get_direction() on sleeping GPIO chips on the fastpath
     when locking GPIOs for interrupts: it is done from atomic context,
     no way.

   - Some driver fixes"

* tag 'gpio-v4.9-4' of git://
  gpio: Remove GPIO_DEVRES option
  gpio: tc3589x: fix up .get_direction()
  gpio: do not double-check direction on sleeping chips
  gpio: pca953x: Move memcpy into mutex lock for set multiple
  gpio: pca953x: Fix corruption of other gpios in set_multiple.