mlx5-updates-2017-10-11: IPoIB Muli Pkey support

This series provides the support for IPoIB Multi Pkey.
InfiniBand Pkeys are the equivalent of Ethernet vlans.
Currently IPoIB device driver supports only default Pkey and IPoIB Pkey child
interfaces are not supported with IPoIB offloads mode, this series will add
the support for that by allowing creating mlx5 multiple IPoIB netdevices with
a non-default Pkey.

mlx5 IPoIB Pkey child interface is smaller version of mlx5i IPoIB interfaces and shares
most of its resources with the parent IPoIB interface, namely RX steering and ring
queue resources.

The only mlx5 resources a child Pkey interface will be creating are the TX rings,
since they should be assigned to a specific Pkey.

mlx5i Pkey netdev is implemented via new mlx5e netdev profile implemented in

The series starts with a refactoring of mlx5e PTP and mlx5 clock implementation
to move the code to be part of mlx5 core rather than mlx5e netdevice, in order to
make mlx5 clock and PTP registration part of the core to be shared with mlx5e
master Ethernet netdev/IPoIB parent netdev and mlx5_ib in the near future.

Add the support for attaching multiple underlay QPs for the different Pkeys
in mlx5 core RX steering.

Add Pkey index to rdma_netdev to add the ability to set PKEY index to lower
IPoIB offload netdev.

Use hash-table to map between DQPN (Destination QP number) to child netdev
for the IPoIB parent netdev to forward RX packets to the corresponding
child Pkey netdev, since the RX rings are shared.

The reset of the series adds the ipoib child Pkey: mlx5e netdev profile,
netdev nods implementation and minimal set of ethtool callbacks.

net/mlx5e: IPoIB, Modify rdma netdev allocate and free to support PKEY

Resources such as FT, QPN HT and mdev resources should be allocated
only by parent netdev. Shared resources are allocated and freed by the
parent interface since the parent is always present and created
before the IPoIB PKEY sub-interface.

Signed-off-by: Alex Vesker <>
Reviewed-by: Erez Shitrit <>
3 files changed