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#ifndef __ASM_SH_HW_IRQ_H
#define __ASM_SH_HW_IRQ_H
#include <linux/init.h>
#include <asm/atomic.h>
extern atomic_t irq_err_count;
struct intc2_data {
unsigned short irq;
unsigned char ipr_offset, ipr_shift;
unsigned char msk_offset, msk_shift;
unsigned char priority;
struct intc2_desc {
unsigned long prio_base;
unsigned long msk_base;
unsigned long mskclr_base;
struct intc2_data *intc2_data;
unsigned int nr_irqs;
struct irq_chip chip;
void register_intc2_controller(struct intc2_desc *);
struct ipr_data {
unsigned char irq;
unsigned char ipr_idx; /* Index for the IPR registered */
unsigned char shift; /* Number of bits to shift the data */
unsigned char priority; /* The priority */
struct ipr_desc {
unsigned long *ipr_offsets;
unsigned int nr_offsets;
struct ipr_data *ipr_data;
unsigned int nr_irqs;
struct irq_chip chip;
void register_ipr_controller(struct ipr_desc *);
* Enable individual interrupt mode for external IPR IRQs.
void __init ipr_irq_enable_irlm(void);
typedef unsigned char intc_enum;
struct intc_vect {
intc_enum enum_id;
unsigned short vect;
#define INTC_VECT(enum_id, vect) { enum_id, vect }
struct intc_prio {
intc_enum enum_id;
unsigned char priority;
#define INTC_PRIO(enum_id, prio) { enum_id, prio }
struct intc_group {
intc_enum enum_id;
intc_enum *enum_ids;
#define INTC_GROUP(enum_id, ids...) { enum_id, (intc_enum []) { ids, 0 } }
struct intc_mask_reg {
unsigned long set_reg, clr_reg, reg_width;
intc_enum enum_ids[32];
struct intc_prio_reg {
unsigned long reg, reg_width, field_width;
intc_enum enum_ids[16];
struct intc_sense_reg {
unsigned long reg, reg_width, field_width;
intc_enum enum_ids[16];
struct intc_desc {
struct intc_vect *vectors;
unsigned int nr_vectors;
struct intc_group *groups;
unsigned int nr_groups;
struct intc_prio *priorities;
unsigned int nr_priorities;
struct intc_mask_reg *mask_regs;
unsigned int nr_mask_regs;
struct intc_prio_reg *prio_regs;
unsigned int nr_prio_regs;
struct intc_sense_reg *sense_regs;
unsigned int nr_sense_regs;
struct irq_chip chip;
#define _INTC_ARRAY(a) a, sizeof(a)/sizeof(*a)
#define DECLARE_INTC_DESC(symbol, chipname, vectors, groups, \
priorities, mask_regs, prio_regs, sense_regs) \
struct intc_desc symbol = { \
_INTC_ARRAY(vectors), _INTC_ARRAY(groups), \
_INTC_ARRAY(priorities), \
_INTC_ARRAY(mask_regs), _INTC_ARRAY(prio_regs), \
_INTC_ARRAY(sense_regs), \ = chipname, \
void __init register_intc_controller(struct intc_desc *desc);
void __init plat_irq_setup(void);
void __init plat_irq_setup_pins(int mode);
#endif /* __ASM_SH_HW_IRQ_H */