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* linux/include/linux/ext4_fs_sb.h
* Copyright (C) 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995
* Remy Card (
* Laboratoire MASI - Institut Blaise Pascal
* Universite Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI)
* from
* linux/include/linux/minix_fs_sb.h
* Copyright (C) 1991, 1992 Linus Torvalds
#ifndef _LINUX_EXT4_FS_SB
#define _LINUX_EXT4_FS_SB
#ifdef __KERNEL__
#include <linux/timer.h>
#include <linux/wait.h>
#include <linux/blockgroup_lock.h>
#include <linux/percpu_counter.h>
#include <linux/rbtree.h>
* third extended-fs super-block data in memory
struct ext4_sb_info {
unsigned long s_desc_size; /* Size of a group descriptor in bytes */
unsigned long s_inodes_per_block;/* Number of inodes per block */
unsigned long s_blocks_per_group;/* Number of blocks in a group */
unsigned long s_inodes_per_group;/* Number of inodes in a group */
unsigned long s_itb_per_group; /* Number of inode table blocks per group */
unsigned long s_gdb_count; /* Number of group descriptor blocks */
unsigned long s_desc_per_block; /* Number of group descriptors per block */
ext4_group_t s_groups_count; /* Number of groups in the fs */
unsigned long s_overhead_last; /* Last calculated overhead */
unsigned long s_blocks_last; /* Last seen block count */
loff_t s_bitmap_maxbytes; /* max bytes for bitmap files */
struct buffer_head * s_sbh; /* Buffer containing the super block */
struct ext4_super_block * s_es; /* Pointer to the super block in the buffer */
struct buffer_head ** s_group_desc;
unsigned long s_mount_opt;
ext4_fsblk_t s_sb_block;
uid_t s_resuid;
gid_t s_resgid;
unsigned short s_mount_state;
unsigned short s_pad;
int s_addr_per_block_bits;
int s_desc_per_block_bits;
int s_inode_size;
int s_first_ino;
spinlock_t s_next_gen_lock;
u32 s_next_generation;
u32 s_hash_seed[4];
int s_def_hash_version;
struct percpu_counter s_freeblocks_counter;
struct percpu_counter s_freeinodes_counter;
struct percpu_counter s_dirs_counter;
struct blockgroup_lock s_blockgroup_lock;
/* root of the per fs reservation window tree */
spinlock_t s_rsv_window_lock;
struct rb_root s_rsv_window_root;
struct ext4_reserve_window_node s_rsv_window_head;
/* Journaling */
struct inode * s_journal_inode;
struct journal_s * s_journal;
struct list_head s_orphan;
unsigned long s_commit_interval;
struct block_device *journal_bdev;
struct timer_list turn_ro_timer; /* For turning read-only (crash simulation) */
wait_queue_head_t ro_wait_queue; /* For people waiting for the fs to go read-only */
char *s_qf_names[MAXQUOTAS]; /* Names of quota files with journalled quota */
int s_jquota_fmt; /* Format of quota to use */
unsigned int s_want_extra_isize; /* New inodes should reserve # bytes */
/* ext4 extents stats */
unsigned long s_ext_min;
unsigned long s_ext_max;
unsigned long s_depth_max;
spinlock_t s_ext_stats_lock;
unsigned long s_ext_blocks;
unsigned long s_ext_extents;
/* for buddy allocator */
struct ext4_group_info ***s_group_info;
struct inode *s_buddy_cache;
long s_blocks_reserved;
spinlock_t s_reserve_lock;
struct list_head s_active_transaction;
struct list_head s_closed_transaction;
struct list_head s_committed_transaction;
spinlock_t s_md_lock;
tid_t s_last_transaction;
unsigned short *s_mb_offsets, *s_mb_maxs;
/* tunables */
unsigned long s_stripe;
unsigned long s_mb_stream_request;
unsigned long s_mb_max_to_scan;
unsigned long s_mb_min_to_scan;
unsigned long s_mb_stats;
unsigned long s_mb_order2_reqs;
unsigned long s_mb_group_prealloc;
/* where last allocation was done - for stream allocation */
unsigned long s_mb_last_group;
unsigned long s_mb_last_start;
/* history to debug policy */
struct ext4_mb_history *s_mb_history;
int s_mb_history_cur;
int s_mb_history_max;
int s_mb_history_num;
struct proc_dir_entry *s_mb_proc;
spinlock_t s_mb_history_lock;
int s_mb_history_filter;
/* stats for buddy allocator */
spinlock_t s_mb_pa_lock;
atomic_t s_bal_reqs; /* number of reqs with len > 1 */
atomic_t s_bal_success; /* we found long enough chunks */
atomic_t s_bal_allocated; /* in blocks */
atomic_t s_bal_ex_scanned; /* total extents scanned */
atomic_t s_bal_goals; /* goal hits */
atomic_t s_bal_breaks; /* too long searches */
atomic_t s_bal_2orders; /* 2^order hits */
spinlock_t s_bal_lock;
unsigned long s_mb_buddies_generated;
unsigned long long s_mb_generation_time;
atomic_t s_mb_lost_chunks;
atomic_t s_mb_preallocated;
atomic_t s_mb_discarded;
/* locality groups */
struct ext4_locality_group *s_locality_groups;
#endif /* _LINUX_EXT4_FS_SB */