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* MV-643XX ethernet platform device data definition file.
#ifndef __LINUX_MV643XX_ETH_H
#define __LINUX_MV643XX_ETH_H
#define MV643XX_ETH_SHARED_NAME "mv643xx_eth_shared"
#define MV643XX_ETH_NAME "mv643xx_eth"
#define MV643XX_ETH_SHARED_REGS 0x2000
#define MV643XX_ETH_SHARED_REGS_SIZE 0x2000
#define MV643XX_ETH_BAR_4 0x2220
#define MV643XX_ETH_SIZE_REG_4 0x2224
struct mv643xx_eth_platform_data {
int port_number;
u16 force_phy_addr; /* force override if phy_addr == 0 */
u16 phy_addr;
/* If speed is 0, then speed and duplex are autonegotiated. */
int speed; /* 0, SPEED_10, SPEED_100, SPEED_1000 */
int duplex; /* DUPLEX_HALF or DUPLEX_FULL */
/* non-zero values of the following fields override defaults */
u32 tx_queue_size;
u32 rx_queue_size;
u32 tx_sram_addr;
u32 tx_sram_size;
u32 rx_sram_addr;
u32 rx_sram_size;
u8 mac_addr[6]; /* mac address if non-zero*/
#endif /* __LINUX_MV643XX_ETH_H */