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* udf_fs_sb.h
* This include file is for the Linux kernel/module.
* This file is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public
* License (GPL). Copies of the GPL can be obtained from:
* Each contributing author retains all rights to their own work.
#ifndef _UDF_FS_SB_H
#define _UDF_FS_SB_H 1
#include <linux/mutex.h>
#pragma pack(1)
#define UDF_TYPE1_MAP15 0x1511U
#define UDF_VIRTUAL_MAP15 0x1512U
#define UDF_VIRTUAL_MAP20 0x2012U
#define UDF_SPARABLE_MAP15 0x1522U
struct udf_sparing_data
__u16 s_packet_len;
struct buffer_head *s_spar_map[4];
struct udf_virtual_data
__u32 s_num_entries;
__u16 s_start_offset;
struct udf_bitmap
__u32 s_extLength;
__u32 s_extPosition;
__u16 s_nr_groups;
struct buffer_head **s_block_bitmap;
struct udf_part_map
struct udf_bitmap *s_bitmap;
struct inode *s_table;
} s_uspace;
struct udf_bitmap *s_bitmap;
struct inode *s_table;
} s_fspace;
__u32 s_partition_root;
__u32 s_partition_len;
__u16 s_partition_type;
__u16 s_partition_num;
struct udf_sparing_data s_sparing;
struct udf_virtual_data s_virtual;
} s_type_specific;
__u32 (*s_partition_func)(struct super_block *, __u32, __u16, __u32);
__u16 s_volumeseqnum;
__u16 s_partition_flags;
#pragma pack()
struct udf_sb_info
struct udf_part_map *s_partmaps;
__u8 s_volume_ident[32];
/* Overall info */
__u16 s_partitions;
__u16 s_partition;
/* Sector headers */
__s32 s_session;
__u32 s_anchor[4];
__u32 s_last_block;
struct buffer_head *s_lvid_bh;
/* Default permissions */
mode_t s_umask;
gid_t s_gid;
uid_t s_uid;
/* Root Info */
struct timespec s_record_time;
/* Fileset Info */
__u16 s_serial_number;
/* highest UDF revision we have recorded to this media */
__u16 s_udfrev;
/* Miscellaneous flags */
__u32 s_flags;
/* Encoding info */
struct nls_table *s_nls_map;
/* VAT inode */
struct inode *s_vat_inode;
struct mutex s_alloc_mutex;
#endif /* _UDF_FS_SB_H */