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* Samsung S5P/Exynos4 SoC series camera interface driver header
* Copyright (C) 2010 - 2013 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
* Sylwester Nawrocki <>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
#ifndef S5P_FIMC_H_
#define S5P_FIMC_H_
#include <media/media-entity.h>
* Enumeration of the FIMC data bus types.
enum fimc_bus_type {
/* Camera parallel bus */
/* Camera parallel bus with embedded synchronization */
/* Camera MIPI-CSI2 serial bus */
/* FIFO link from LCD controller (WriteBack A) */
/* FIFO link from LCD controller (WriteBack B) */
/* FIFO link from FIMC-IS */
struct i2c_board_info;
* struct fimc_source_info - video source description required for the host
* interface configuration
* @board_info: pointer to I2C subdevice's board info
* @clk_frequency: frequency of the clock the host interface provides to sensor
* @fimc_bus_type: FIMC camera input type
* @sensor_bus_type: image sensor bus type, MIPI, ITU-R BT.601 etc.
* @flags: the parallel sensor bus flags defining signals polarity (V4L2_MBUS_*)
* @i2c_bus_num: i2c control bus id the sensor is attached to
* @mux_id: FIMC camera interface multiplexer index (separate for MIPI and ITU)
* @clk_id: index of the SoC peripheral clock for sensors
struct fimc_source_info {
struct i2c_board_info *board_info;
unsigned long clk_frequency;
enum fimc_bus_type fimc_bus_type;
enum fimc_bus_type sensor_bus_type;
u16 flags;
u16 i2c_bus_num;
u16 mux_id;
u8 clk_id;
* struct s5p_platform_fimc - camera host interface platform data
* @source_info: properties of an image source for the host interface setup
* @num_clients: the number of attached image sources
struct s5p_platform_fimc {
struct fimc_source_info *source_info;
int num_clients;
* v4l2_device notification id. This is only for internal use in the kernel.
* Sensor subdevs should issue S5P_FIMC_TX_END_NOTIFY notification in single
* frame capture mode when there is only one VSYNC pulse issued by the sensor
* at begining of the frame transmission.
#define S5P_FIMC_TX_END_NOTIFY _IO('e', 0)
enum fimc_subdev_index {
struct media_pipeline;
struct v4l2_subdev;
struct fimc_pipeline {
struct v4l2_subdev *subdevs[IDX_MAX];
struct media_pipeline *m_pipeline;
* Media pipeline operations to be called from within the fimc(-lite)
* video node when it is the last entity of the pipeline. Implemented
* by corresponding media device driver.
struct fimc_pipeline_ops {
int (*open)(struct fimc_pipeline *p, struct media_entity *me,
bool resume);
int (*close)(struct fimc_pipeline *p);
int (*set_stream)(struct fimc_pipeline *p, bool state);
#define fimc_pipeline_call(f, op, p, args...) \
(!(f) ? -ENODEV : (((f)->pipeline_ops && (f)->pipeline_ops->op) ? \
(f)->pipeline_ops->op((p), ##args) : -ENOIOCTLCMD))
#endif /* S5P_FIMC_H_ */