Merge branch 'for-rc' of git://

Pull thermal management fixes from Zhang Rui:

 - fix a regression that thermal zone dynamically allocated sysfs
   attributes are freed before they're removed, which is introduced in
   4.10-rc1 (Jacob von Chorus)

 - fix a boot warning because deprecated hwmon API is used (Fabio

 - a couple of fixes for rockchip thermal driver (Brian Norris, Caesar

* 'for-rc' of git://
  thermal: rockchip: fixes the conversion table
  thermal: core: move tz->device.groups cleanup to thermal_release
  thermal: thermal_hwmon: Convert to hwmon_device_register_with_info()
  thermal: rockchip: handle set_trips without the trip points
  thermal: rockchip: optimize the conversion table
  thermal: rockchip: fixes invalid temperature case
  thermal: rockchip: don't pass table structs by value
  thermal: rockchip: improve conversion error messages