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* Freescale MSI interrupt controller
Required properties:
- compatible : compatible list, contains 2 entries,
first is "fsl,CHIP-msi", where CHIP is the processor(mpc8610, mpc8572,
etc.) and the second is "fsl,mpic-msi" or "fsl,ipic-msi" depending on
the parent type.
- reg : should contain the address and the length of the shared message
interrupt register set.
- msi-available-ranges: use <start count> style section to define which
msi interrupt can be used in the 256 msi interrupts. This property is
optional, without this, all the 256 MSI interrupts can be used.
Each available range must begin and end on a multiple of 32 (i.e.
no splitting an individual MSI register or the associated PIC interrupt).
- interrupts : each one of the interrupts here is one entry per 32 MSIs,
and routed to the host interrupt controller. the interrupts should
be set as edge sensitive. If msi-available-ranges is present, only
the interrupts that correspond to available ranges shall be present.
- interrupt-parent: the phandle for the interrupt controller
that services interrupts for this device. for 83xx cpu, the interrupts
are routed to IPIC, and for 85xx/86xx cpu the interrupts are routed
to MPIC.
msi@41600 {
compatible = "fsl,mpc8610-msi", "fsl,mpic-msi";
reg = <0x41600 0x80>;
msi-available-ranges = <0 0x100>;
interrupts = <
0xe0 0
0xe1 0
0xe2 0
0xe3 0
0xe4 0
0xe5 0
0xe6 0
0xe7 0>;
interrupt-parent = <&mpic>;