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Pull ARM SoC fixes from Arnd Bergmann:
 "This is the first set of bugfixes for ARM SoCs, fixing a couple of
  stability problems, mostly on TI OMAP and Rockchips platforms:

   - OMAP2 hwmod clocks must be enabled in the correct order

   - OMAP3 Wakeup from resume through PRM IRQ was unreliable

   - one regression on OMAP5 caused by a kexec fix

   - Rockchip ethernet needs some settings for stable operation on

   - Rockchip based Chrombook Plus needs another clock setting for
     stable display suspend/resume

   - Rockchip based phyCORE-RK3288 was able to run at an invalid CPU
     clock frequency

   - Rockchip MMC link was sometimes unreliable

   - multiple fixes to avoid crashes in the Broadcom STB DPFE driver

  Other minor changes include:

   - Devicetree fixes for incorrect hardware description (rockchip,
     omap, Gemini, amlogic)

   - some MAINTAINER file updates to correct email and git addresses

   - some fixes addressing 'make W=1' dtc warnings (broadcom, amlogic,
     cavium, qualcomm, hisilicon, zx)

   - fixes for LTO-compilation (orion, davinci, clps711x)

   - one fix for an incorrect Kconfig errata selection

   - a memory leak in the OMAP timer driver

   - a kernel data leak in OMAP1 debugfs files"

* tag 'armsoc-fixes' of git:// (38 commits)
  MAINTAINERS: update entries for ARM/STM32
  ARM: dts: bcm283x: Move arm-pmu out of soc node
  ARM: dts: bcm283x: Fix unit address of local_intc
  ARM: dts: NSP: Fix amount of RAM on BCM958625HR
  ARM: dts: Set D-Link DNS-313 SATA to muxmode 0
  ARM: omap2: set CONFIG_LIRC=y in defconfig
  ARM: dts: imx6dl: Include correct dtsi file for Engicam i.CoreM6 DualLite/Solo RQS
  memory: brcmstb: dpfe: support new way of passing data from the DCPU
  memory: brcmstb: dpfe: fix type declaration of variable "ret"
  memory: brcmstb: dpfe: properly mask vendor error bits
  ARM: BCM: dts: Remove leading 0x and 0s from bindings notation
  ARM: orion: fix orion_ge00_switch_board_info initialization
  ARM: davinci: mark spi_board_info arrays as const
  ARM: clps711x: mark clps711x_compat as const
  arm: zx: dts: Remove leading 0x and 0s from bindings notation
  arm64: dts: Remove leading 0x and 0s from bindings notation
  arm64: dts: cavium: fix PCI bus dtc warnings
  MAINTAINERS: ARM: at91: update my email address
  soc: imx: gpc: de-register power domains only if initialized
  ARM: dts: rockchip: Fix DWMMC clocks