metag/usercopy: Fix src fixup in from user rapf loops

The fixup code to rewind the source pointer in
__asm_copy_from_user_{32,64}bit_rapf_loop() always rewound the source by
a single unit (4 or 8 bytes), however this is insufficient if the fault
didn't occur on the first load in the loop, as the source pointer will
have been incremented but nothing will have been stored until all 4
register [pairs] are loaded.

Read the LSM_STEP field of TXSTATUS (which is already loaded into a
register), a bit like the copy_to_user versions, to determine how many
iterations of MGET[DL] have taken place, all of which need rewinding.

Fixes: 373cd784d0fc ("metag: Memory handling")
Signed-off-by: James Hogan <>
1 file changed