Merge branch 'mlxsw-minimal-Add-ethtool-and-resource-query-support'

Ido Schimmel says:

mlxsw: minimal: Add ethtool and resource query support

Vadim says:

The minimal driver is chip independent and uses I2C bus for chip access.
Its purpose is to support chassis management on systems equipped with
Mellanox switch ASICs. For example, from a BMC (Board Management
Controller) device.

Patches #1-#3 add ethtool support to the minimal driver so that QSFP/SFP
module info could be retrieved by the driver. This is done by exposing a
dummy netdev for each front panel port and implementing the required
ethtool operations.

Patches #4-#8 add resource query support. This allows the driver to
query the firmware about values of certain resources (e.g., maximum
number of ports). It is required on systems where the maximum number of
ports is larger than the hard coded default (64).

Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>