can: flexcan: mark RX via mailboxes as supported on MCF5441X

Most flexcan IP cores support 2 RX modes:
- mailbox

The flexcan IP core on the MCF5441X cannot receive CAN RTR messages
via mailboxes. However the mailbox mode is more performant. The commit

| 1c45f5778a3b ("can: flexcan: add ethtool support to change rx-rtr setting during runtime")

added support to switch from FIFO to mailbox mode on these cores.

After testing the mailbox mode on the MCF5441X by Angelo Dureghello,
this patch marks it (without RTR capability) as supported. Further the
IP core overview table is updated, that RTR reception via mailboxes is
not supported.

Tested-by: Angelo Dureghello <>
Signed-off-by: Marc Kleine-Budde <>
2 files changed