Merge branch 'linux_next' of git://

* 'linux_next' of git:// (21 commits)
  MAINTAINERS: add an entry for Edac Sandy Bridge driver
  edac: tag sb_edac as EXPERIMENTAL, as it requires more testing
  EDAC: Fix incorrect edac mode reporting in sb_edac
  edac: sb_edac: Add it to the building system
  edac: Add an experimental new driver to support Sandy Bridge CPU's
  i7300_edac: Fix error cleanup logic
  i7core_edac: Initialize memory name with cpu, channel, bank
  i7core_edac: Fix compilation on 32 bits arch
  i7core_edac: scrubbing fixups
  EDAC: Correct Kconfig dependencies
  i7core_edac: return -ENODEV if no MC is found
  i7core_edac: use edac's own way to print errors
  MAINTAINERS: remove dropped edac_mce.* from the file
  i7core_edac: Drop the edac_mce facility
  x86, MCE: Use notifier chain only for MCE decoding
  EDAC i7core: Use mce socketid for better compatibility
  i7core_edac: Don't enable memory scrubbing for Xeon 35xx
  i7core_edac: Add scrubbing support
  edac: Move edac main structs to include/linux/edac.h
  i7core_edac: Fix oops when trying to inject errors