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* Add command for signing modules
- There is a script to sign modules in kernel tree, but we should be able to
sign modules by ourselves
* Stop using NOFAIL() and fatal()
* Protect index against OOM
* Implement actions in kmod tool like 'insert', 'remove', 'info', etc
* testsuite:
- when fake delete_module() succeeds, remove its entry from /sys/module
* Stop using system() inside the library and use fork + exec instead
* config: configs that do not need to be matched by fnmatch() could be using a
vector instead of a list. This way we could search in it by calling
* review API, maybe unify all of these getters:
- kmod_module_version_get_symbol()
- kmod_module_version_get_crc()
- kmod_module_symbol_get_symbol()
- kmod_module_symbol_get_crc()
- kmod_module_dependency_symbol_get_symbol()
- kmod_module_dependency_symbol_get_crc()
- kmod_module_versions_free_list()
- kmod_module_symbols_free_list()
- kmod_module_dependency_symbols_free_list()
* index: drop the "open(), seek(), read()" implementation and use another one
with mmap(). When lookup() is called and the file is not mmaped, mmap it.
* Finish removal of "rmmod -w" when it's gone from kernel.
* Deprecate not using KMOD_REMOVE_NOWAIT on libkmod.
Things to be added/removed in kernel (check what is really needed):
* list of currently loaded modules
- readdir() in /sys/modules: dir without a 'initstate' file means the
module is builtin.
* kill /proc/modules ?
- Unlikely, given other tools might depend on it