Merge tag '9p-fixes-for-6.9-rc5' of git://

Pull fs/9p fixes from Eric Van Hensbergen:
 "This contains a reversion of one of the original 6.9 patches which
  seems to have been the cause of most of the instability. It also
  incorporates several fixes to legacy support and cache fixes.

  There are few additional changes to improve stability, but I want
  another week of testing before sending them upstream"

* tag '9p-fixes-for-6.9-rc5' of git://
  fs/9p: drop inodes immediately on non-.L too
  fs/9p: Revert "fs/9p: fix dups even in uncached mode"
  fs/9p: remove erroneous nlink init from legacy stat2inode
  9p: explicitly deny setlease attempts
  fs/9p: fix the cache always being enabled on files with qid flags
  fs/9p: translate O_TRUNC into OTRUNC
  fs/9p: only translate RWX permissions for plain 9P2000