Merge tag 'char-misc-6.9-rc5' of git://

Pull char / misc driver fixes from Greg KH:
 "Here are some small char/misc and other driver fixes for 6.9-rc5.
  Included in here are the following:

   - binder driver fix for reported problem

   - speakup crash fix

   - mei driver fixes for reported problems

   - comdei driver fix

   - interconnect driver fixes

   - rtsx driver fix

   - peci.h kernel doc fix

  All of these have been in linux-next for over a week with no reported

* tag 'char-misc-6.9-rc5' of git://
  peci: linux/peci.h: fix Excess kernel-doc description warning
  binder: check offset alignment in binder_get_object()
  comedi: vmk80xx: fix incomplete endpoint checking
  mei: vsc: Unregister interrupt handler for system suspend
  Revert "mei: vsc: Call wake_up() in the threaded IRQ handler"
  misc: rtsx: Fix rts5264 driver status incorrect when card removed
  mei: me: disable RPL-S on SPS and IGN firmwares
  speakup: Avoid crash on very long word
  interconnect: Don't access req_list while it's being manipulated
  interconnect: qcom: x1e80100: Remove inexistent ACV_PERF BCM