Merge tag 'clk-fixes-for-linus' of git://

Pull clk fixes from Stephen Boyd:
 "A couple clk driver fixes, a build fix, and a deadlock fix:

   - Mediatek mt7988 has broken PCIe because the wrong parent is used

   - Mediatek clk drivers may deadlock when registering their clks
     because the clk provider device is repeatedly runtime PM resumed
     and suspended during probe and clk registration.

     Resuming the clk provider device deadlocks with an ABBA deadlock
     due to genpd_lock and the clk prepare_lock. The fix is to keep the
     device runtime resumed while registering clks.

   - Another runtime PM related deadlock, this time with disabling
     unused clks during late init.

     We get an ABBA deadlock where a device is runtime PM resuming (or
     suspending) while the disabling of unused clks is happening in
     parallel. That runtime PM action calls into the clk framework and
     tries to grab the clk prepare_lock while the disabling of unused
     clks holds the prepare_lock and is waiting for that runtime PM
     action to complete.

     The fix is to runtime resume all the clk provider devices before
     grabbing the clk prepare_lock during disable unused.

   - A build fix to provide an empty devm_clk_rate_exclusive_get()
     function when CONFIG_COMMON_CLK=n"

* tag 'clk-fixes-for-linus' of git://
  clk: mediatek: mt7988-infracfg: fix clocks for 2nd PCIe port
  clk: mediatek: Do a runtime PM get on controllers during probe
  clk: Get runtime PM before walking tree for clk_summary
  clk: Get runtime PM before walking tree during disable_unused
  clk: Initialize struct clk_core kref earlier
  clk: Don't hold prepare_lock when calling kref_put()
  clk: Remove prepare_lock hold assertion in __clk_release()
  clk: Provide !COMMON_CLK dummy for devm_clk_rate_exclusive_get()