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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
* oxfw.h - a part of driver for OXFW970/971 based devices
* Copyright (c) Clemens Ladisch <>
#include <linux/device.h>
#include <linux/firewire.h>
#include <linux/firewire-constants.h>
#include <linux/module.h>
#include <linux/mod_devicetable.h>
#include <linux/mutex.h>
#include <linux/slab.h>
#include <linux/compat.h>
#include <linux/sched/signal.h>
#include <sound/control.h>
#include <sound/core.h>
#include <sound/initval.h>
#include <sound/pcm.h>
#include <sound/pcm_params.h>
#include <sound/info.h>
#include <sound/rawmidi.h>
#include <sound/firewire.h>
#include <sound/hwdep.h>
#include "../lib.h"
#include "../fcp.h"
#include "../packets-buffer.h"
#include "../iso-resources.h"
#include "../amdtp-am824.h"
#include "../cmp.h"
enum snd_oxfw_quirk {
// Postpone transferring packets during handling asynchronous transaction. As a result,
// next isochronous packet includes more events than one packet can include.
// The dbs field of CIP header in tx packet is wrong.
// Blocking transmission mode is used.
// Stanton SCS1.d and SCS1.m support unique transaction.
// Apogee Duet FireWire ignores data blocks in packet with NO_INFO for audio data
// processing, while output level meter moves. Any value in syt field of packet takes
// the device to process audio data even if the value is invalid in a point of
// IEC 61883-1/6.
// Loud Technologies Mackie Onyx 1640i seems to configure OXFW971 ASIC so that it decides
// event frequency according to events in received isochronous packets. The device looks to
// performs media clock recovery voluntarily. In the recovery, the packets with NO_INFO
// are ignored, thus driver should transfer packets with timestamp.
/* This is an arbitrary number for convinience. */
struct snd_oxfw {
struct snd_card *card;
struct fw_unit *unit;
struct mutex mutex;
spinlock_t lock;
// The combination of snd_oxfw_quirk enumeration-constants.
unsigned int quirks;
bool has_output;
bool has_input;
u8 *tx_stream_formats[SND_OXFW_STREAM_FORMAT_ENTRIES];
u8 *rx_stream_formats[SND_OXFW_STREAM_FORMAT_ENTRIES];
bool assumed;
struct cmp_connection out_conn;
struct cmp_connection in_conn;
struct amdtp_stream tx_stream;
struct amdtp_stream rx_stream;
unsigned int substreams_count;
unsigned int midi_input_ports;
unsigned int midi_output_ports;
int dev_lock_count;
bool dev_lock_changed;
wait_queue_head_t hwdep_wait;
void *spec;
struct amdtp_domain domain;
* AV/C Stream Format Information Specification 1.1 Working Draft
* (Apr 2005, 1394TA)
int avc_stream_set_format(struct fw_unit *unit, enum avc_general_plug_dir dir,
unsigned int pid, u8 *format, unsigned int len);
int avc_stream_get_format(struct fw_unit *unit,
enum avc_general_plug_dir dir, unsigned int pid,
u8 *buf, unsigned int *len, unsigned int eid);
static inline int
avc_stream_get_format_single(struct fw_unit *unit,
enum avc_general_plug_dir dir, unsigned int pid,
u8 *buf, unsigned int *len)
return avc_stream_get_format(unit, dir, pid, buf, len, 0xff);
static inline int
avc_stream_get_format_list(struct fw_unit *unit,
enum avc_general_plug_dir dir, unsigned int pid,
u8 *buf, unsigned int *len,
unsigned int eid)
return avc_stream_get_format(unit, dir, pid, buf, len, eid);
* AV/C Digital Interface Command Set General Specification 4.2
* (Sep 2004, 1394TA)
int avc_general_inquiry_sig_fmt(struct fw_unit *unit, unsigned int rate,
enum avc_general_plug_dir dir,
unsigned short pid);
int snd_oxfw_stream_init_duplex(struct snd_oxfw *oxfw);
int snd_oxfw_stream_reserve_duplex(struct snd_oxfw *oxfw,
struct amdtp_stream *stream,
unsigned int rate, unsigned int pcm_channels,
unsigned int frames_per_period,
unsigned int frames_per_buffer);
int snd_oxfw_stream_start_duplex(struct snd_oxfw *oxfw);
void snd_oxfw_stream_stop_duplex(struct snd_oxfw *oxfw);
void snd_oxfw_stream_destroy_duplex(struct snd_oxfw *oxfw);
void snd_oxfw_stream_update_duplex(struct snd_oxfw *oxfw);
struct snd_oxfw_stream_formation {
unsigned int rate;
unsigned int pcm;
unsigned int midi;
int snd_oxfw_stream_parse_format(u8 *format,
struct snd_oxfw_stream_formation *formation);
int snd_oxfw_stream_get_current_formation(struct snd_oxfw *oxfw,
enum avc_general_plug_dir dir,
struct snd_oxfw_stream_formation *formation);
int snd_oxfw_stream_discover(struct snd_oxfw *oxfw);
void snd_oxfw_stream_lock_changed(struct snd_oxfw *oxfw);
int snd_oxfw_stream_lock_try(struct snd_oxfw *oxfw);
void snd_oxfw_stream_lock_release(struct snd_oxfw *oxfw);
int snd_oxfw_create_pcm(struct snd_oxfw *oxfw);
void snd_oxfw_proc_init(struct snd_oxfw *oxfw);
int snd_oxfw_create_midi(struct snd_oxfw *oxfw);
int snd_oxfw_create_hwdep(struct snd_oxfw *oxfw);
int snd_oxfw_add_spkr(struct snd_oxfw *oxfw, bool is_lacie);
int snd_oxfw_scs1x_add(struct snd_oxfw *oxfw);
void snd_oxfw_scs1x_update(struct snd_oxfw *oxfw);