Merge tag 'tty-6.9-rc5' of git://

Pull tty/serial driver fixes from Greg KH:
 "Here are some small tty and serial driver fixes for 6.9-rc5 that
  resolve a bunch of reported problems. Included in here are:

   - MAINTAINERS and .mailmap update for Richard Genoud

   - serial core regression fixes from 6.9-rc1 changes

   - pci id cleanups

   - serial core crash fix

   - stm32 driver fixes

   - 8250 driver fixes

  All of these have been in linux-next for a while with no reported

* tag 'tty-6.9-rc5' of git://
  serial: stm32: Reset .throttled state in .startup()
  serial: stm32: Return IRQ_NONE in the ISR if no handling happend
  serial: core: Fix missing shutdown and startup for serial base port
  serial: core: Clearing the circular buffer before NULLifying it
  MAINTAINERS: mailmap: update Richard Genoud's email address
  serial/pmac_zilog: Remove flawed mitigation for rx irq flood
  serial: 8250_pci: Remove redundant PCI IDs
  serial: core: Fix regression when runtime PM is not enabled
  serial: mxs-auart: add spinlock around changing cts state
  serial: 8250_dw: Revert: Do not reclock if already at correct rate
  serial: 8250_lpc18xx: disable clks on error in probe()