Merge tag 'spi-v3.15-rc5' of git://

Pull spi fixes from Mark Brown:
 "A few core fixes around outlying cases here, nothing that should
  affect most users but useful fixes.  The diffstat is rather larger
  than one might hope due some simple code motion in the fix for
  !CONFIG_DMA, the actual meaningful change is much smaller.

   - Fix handling of unsupported dual and quad mode support on slave
     registration so that drivers that can degrade gracefully do so,
     preventing regressions for drivers this is added.
   - Fix build in !CONFIG_DMA cases following addition of generic DMA
     mapping support.
   - Fix error handling for queue creation which due to wider kernel
     changes can be triggered more easily.
   - A couple of driver specific fixes"

* tag 'spi-v3.15-rc5' of git://
  spi/pxa2xx: Prevent DMA from transferring too many bytes
  spi: core: Don't destroy master queue if we fail to create it
  spi: qup: Fix return value checking for pm_runtime_get_sync()
  spi: core: Protect DMA code by #ifdef CONFIG_HAS_DMA
  spi: core: Ignore unsupported Dual/Quad Transfer Mode bits